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Kuberl Power Box Hyundai H-1

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Image of Kuberl Power Box Hyundai H-1

Kuberl Power Box Hyundai H-1

Kuberl Power Box Hyundai H-1Code: #KuberlPowerBoxHyundaiH-1s

Küberl Powerbox for Diesel Engines:

  • The Powerbox unit safely enhances the overall performance of your diesel engine.
  • The overall power and torque increase by 20-30% depending on the engine type. 
  • Fuel consumption decreases by 10% due to the optimized engine work and increased performance*
  • This product does not in anyway reduce the lifespan of your engine as it operates within the manufacturer’s tolerance limits.
  • Installation is extremely easy as you only need to connect the module between the injection system of your car and the main electronic control unit cables. You can find additional installation instructions in the detailed description of this product.
  • The product is equipped with connectors that are identical to the OEM connectors of your car, this means that connection is easy and you will not have to make any cutting or welding to the wires.
  • The module does not make any direct changes to data in the main ECU of the car and also does not leave any trace in the error memory of the vehicle. 
  • Kuberl Products are verified by ISO quality standards that assure highest quality of manufacture.
  • Important: If you plan to sell your vehicle you can also use this powerbox on another vehicle that uses the same injection system!!!
  • TÜV certifcation can be issued on most powerbox units at an additional charge. Please contact us if you need TÜV cert.
  • Approximate delivery time: 2-15 Business days depending on stock quantities and availability.

*Fuel Consumption depends mainly on driving habits!!!



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How the Powerbox operates?

The powerbox is connected between the injection system of your car and the ECU. The unit intercepts the data sent from the injection pump to the ECU, optimizes it and sends the newly optimized information to the ECU. The ECU then adapts and increases its power reserves based on this new data. The only element that the powerbox modifies is the duration of the injections.


The powerbox enhances performance of your diesel engine by approximately 20-30% depending on engine type, while fuel consumption is reduced by 10% due to the fact that now there is an increase in power and you will need to press less the accelerator pedal in order meet the same speed compared to before. Of course, fuel consumption greatly depends on your driving habits.

Engine and Driver Safety!

The powerbox unit does not modify or affect in any way the injection itself or turbo pressure, those factors remain as set by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

In this way, power is enhanced safely and without reducing the lifespan of your engine.
Another important factor is that turbo protection and other engine safety features of your car remain operational and will protect your engine in case of a problem just like on a serial vehicle.
All connectors used are identical and same quality to those used by manufacturers. This does not only make installation really easy without the need to cut or weld wires, but also ensures great insulation and correct contact of the parts.
The powerbox will provide more power, acceleration and response to your vehicle, please drive safely and follow all safety instruction of your car manufacturer.
Driver safety is most important after all. 


Installation is really simple and can be done in minutes due to the following facts.

  • Installation manual describes each step of the process and it is easy to follow.
  • No special tools and knowledge are needed
  • No wire cutting or soldering is required due to the use of original connectors
  • It is impossible to make a wrong connection as connectors are designed no to fit if plugged incorrectly.
  • Additional intervention is not required on the manufacturers equipment.

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