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How to Order!


The main goal of our team at Pitlane Online Tuning Shop is to make it as easy as possible for you to make your car look great and fun to drive.
Our online webshop platform gives you direct access to thousands of products from the leading manufacturers of tuning parts, tyres, wheels and other car accessories.


Currently, the shop offers more than 24,000 products from more than 87 selected manufacturers and new products are being introduced constantly with the only goal in mind and that is, to create the most complete online shop for tuning parts, wheels, tyres and accessories there is:

“The place where you can get all that you need for your car.”


You can use the “Search Tool” to find tuning parts, wheels and tires for your car, or you can just browse trough the categories for ideas of interesting parts. 
Once you find the product of your interest, you can easily add it to your cart, keep it in there for later and keep on shopping, or proceed to the simple steps to complete your order.


Pitlane Online Tuning Shop is a system that allows customers to order a wide range of products for their cars. 



We can ship products to almost anywhere in the world and we have successfully delivered thousands of orders to customers from more than 37 different countries all around the globe.

Once an order is being made, our team will proceed with the delivery process and will choose the best possible route of delivery depending on the product you have ordered, where is the manufacturer located and mainly your destination.


The most common shipping routes that we use are either to deliver your product from the producer directly to your doorstep, or we will deliver to our distribution center in Germany and then ship out to you.



Our shipping module will calculate the shipping cost for most of the products being offered and you will see the shipping price in your cart summary.
Please do bear in mind that the shipping cost for all bulky products, such as bumpers, side skirts, large spoilers and etc.cannot be calculated automatically due to their excessive size and the limitations of the regular courier and parcel services.
If you order a product that cannot have its price calculated automatically, you will receive a message “Shipping Charges will be agreed on additionally!”.



In such cases, you still will be able to complete your order without being forwarded to a payment system and you will not be charged anything.
We are not going to bill you for the order with the checkout process.



The following steps will follow after your order is completed.

  1.  Our logistics team will search for shipping routes and will provide the best possible shipping alternative that is available for your case individually.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the shipping choices, we can cancel the order before we proceed any further without any charges or fees.
  3. If you agree on the shipping alternative and you would like to proceed with your order, you will receive a payment request and then the order can be completed.

We will only bill you if you agree on the shipping alternative we have provided and after you have confirmed your payment request.

Shipping of oversized products worldwide is not an easy task as there are many size limitations and other obstacles that we have to find a solution for.


Unlike many other web sites, Pitlane Online Tuning Shop does not offer fixed prices for shipping of such products.
Just because the shipping prices depend on many factors doesn’t mean we should spare any effort in trying to find the best solution for you and we do understand that getting your items quickly and at the lowest possible price is important to you, so we make every effort to create all the shipping offers individual and the best to fit your needs. It is pretty obvious that we could have placed high enough shipping prices that will cover our costs in any case, but instead we prefer to find an individual solution at the lowest possible price. Of course, if you have any questions regarding the shipping service, you can always contact us and we can discuss your case prior to your order.


Some of the main shipping methods that we use are:

DHL Parcel Road Transport Air Transport      
DHL Express        
DPD EU Road Economy        
Air Freight        
Sea Freight        


Payment of your order can be made in several different ways. We try to offer all the major payment methods for your convenience.
Our system will directly offer payment by Paypal and Moneybookers for most payments as they are the tools that almost all of our customer prefer and use. Please be advised that even though our platform is secured, verified and certified by Verisign, we do not keep any sensitive credit card information on our servers.


Every time you try to make a payment you will be directed to the Paypal or Moneybookers platforms that are encrypted and secured.

If you would like to pay in any of the alternative ways, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange it.

We accept below worldwide payment methods.

 PayPal - Secure Payment with all major Credit Cards
 Moneybookers - Secure Payment with all major Credit Cards
   Bank Transfer - Payment at your nearest bank
 Western Union - Instant money transfer at your nearest office at an additional charge
 MoneyGram - Instant money transfer at your nearest office at an additional charge


   Contact Us:

If you would like receive further information or if you have any questions regarding our service or products, please feel free to contact us using any of the below methods.



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   Email - Send us an email

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