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About Us


Pitlane Online Tuning Shop: Time Line


It all started in 2007 with a small online web shop platform that was intended to serve our local customers and to make it easier for them to buy products from the few manufacturers that we used to work with.


With only five years behind our back, Pitlane Online Tuning Shop has turned from a small web shop into an International online automotive megastore.
Pitlane has gone through several transition periods with major upgrades and changes all intending to make this a better place for any tuning fan.
Apart from the tons of hard work, we have put lots of ambition and character in order to cope and be able to go through all the problems that came upon us.
The shop now offers more than 24,000 products from more than 87 carefully selected manufacturers.
New products are being introduced constantly with the only goal in mind and that is, to create the most complete online shop for tuning parts, wheels, tyres and accessories: The place where you can get all that you need for your car.
Worldwide deliveries have been made easy with our shipping module system and we have successfully delivered orders to customers from more than 37 different countries.
We have implemented all the major secure payment options and we are trying to provide more and more choice of such services in order to meet the need of almost all customers.
Other important features that we have introduced are:

- Our interactive online help system will allow you to easily ask your questions with a press of a button and actually communicate   with a real human

- The pitlane search system is trying to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right parts for your car. 


Of course, our main goal is Pitlane Online Tuning Shop to become the premier destination for auto parts, but we also have ambitions to improve in other aspects that we believe are important for people. We would like for Pitlane to become a place where you can not only buy stuff for your car, but also, be able to communicate with other customers that share your interests, to be able to find information that is important for your and for your car and share it with others and learn from their comments and suggestions.
In other words, we would like to one day become a platform that not only sells auto parts, but also serves people with all that they may need or would like to share about their car….